About Epiphany! Coaching

Why Coach with Diane?

Coaching is a journey of personal discovery. Epiphany! Coaching, was founded by Diane Dean who has the experience and credentials to inspire and encourage you to clear the path so you can embody your dreams, so you can lead a rewarding life and use your gifts and strengths to have the impact you are called to and capable of.

Her approach to coaching is not a one-size-fits-all approach. Although her goal is to support you to identify and fulfill unmet needs, identify strengths and manage any limitations using specific tools and structure, she works with her clients based on their unique values, personalities, strengths and goals. making way for your desires to emerge

Diane brings a breadth of both real-life experience in many domains to coaching sessions, as well as solid coach training. Working with Diane will allow you to experience the process of great performance by identifying your truest passions and living out of that space.

My Story

As told by Founder, Diane Dean

What most people know about me is that I have run a successful six-figure, award-winning wellness business for two solid decades. I’ve developed and run five different businesses, from retail to real estate to human services. I’ve spent over 15,000 hours in academia–studying nursing, counseling, and coaching.

What most people don’t know about me is there was a time in my life when I wondered if I could have an impact on my own life, let alone others. When I wondered if I would ever be able to even identify my gifts, my passions, my dreams, let alone use them for good to enjoy my life or help others do the same.

We all have a tendency to have a dream or a wish or a desire but wonder if we are the person to make that happen.

For most, there has been a time when you really, really wanted something. When you believed you could have it. Could acquire it. Could handle it. Could manifest it. Then you instantly questioned your ability to make it happen, especially given the repetition of our sabotaging patterns that subconsciously get in the way. Which is why now, I am so committed to transforming as many lives as I can.

How Epiphany! Coaching Developed

Epiphany! Coaching grew out of my love for humans, for deep connection, for understanding we all are dealt a hand of cards—some better than others—but we can redraw some cards if we choose. Following a successful career in nursing, and graduation and licensure as a professional counselor, Epiphany! Counseling & Wellness Center was born. We quickly grew into a small group practice and for the past twenty years, I have counseled and coached people of all ages alongside various talented colleagues, individually and in groups in my private practice.

Through years of being a coachee myself, I saw the phenomenal value of coaching.

Wanting to support others in the same way, I attended Coach U between 2010 and 2015 and completed their basic and advanced coaching programs. In 2023, I also worked closely alongside Lisa Nichols herself, and she certified me as a Lisa Nichols Certified Transformational Trained Coach.  I have been coaching growth-minded men and women and many top-performing professionals since then. Just last year, I decided to dedicate all my time to the coaching component of my business, hence bringing Epiphany! Coaching to the forefront.

Coaching with me is different than some other coaching experiences.

See this video to understand why coaching with me might be your answer to feeling fulfilled and finding ultimate success.

About Diane

Diane is the founder and leader of Epiphany! Coaching. Diane is on a mission to support growth-minded men and women in having a fulfilling life that they can feel great about.  At the core of her effectiveness is the belief that fulfillment comes from identifying and meeting our unmet needs, to clear the way for genuine connection within and with others, and to align our day-to-day actions with our personal values. She is passionate about waking up exhausted, yet committed and motivated people who keep trying, but never feel like they get quite there.  This path serves to solidify their focus, enhance their relationships, and ultimately their day-to-day contentment.

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