Credentials + Education


Diane Dean has a Master’s degree in Community Counseling and was a Licensed Professional Counselor for 20 years.  She has a Bachelor’s degree in nursing and currently holds a license as a Professional Nurse (RN).  Diane has attended and graduated from Coach U, the leading global provider of coach training programs and executive coaching services since 1992, in both their basic and advanced programs (see list of courses here).  Diane also studied under world-renowned author and speaker, Caroline Myss, and became a Certified Archetypal Consultant.  Diane also studied under world-class coach Rich Litvin in his Project Kairos program in 2022, and attended iconic coach Lisa Nichols Speak & Write to Make Millions and Speakers Mastermind in 2022-23.  She graduated in 2023 from Lisa Nichol’s Certified Transformational Trainer Program, and is now a Lisa Nichol’s Certified Transformational Trainer.

Completed Programs + Courses


Program NameStart DateCompletion Date
Core Essentials (CE, Phase 1 of PCTP) (ID 1431)9/15/201010/31/2011
Professional Essentials (PE, Phase 2) (ID 590637)4/4/20143/31/2017


Course NameStart DateCompletion DateDuration (Units)Hours Attended
A-420 Coach's Personal Foundation - Level 2 (ID 2432)4/5/20149/21/201488
A-430 Coach's Personal Foundation - Level 3 (ID 2424)10/9/20141/29/201588
A-435 Personal Foundation Practicum (ID 2422)3/15/20168/24/201688
A-517 Organizational Development (8 week version) (ID 2129)6/5/20148/21/201488
A-525 Coaching The Executive - Situational Coaching Forum (ID 2350)10/9/20142/28/201588
A-530 Assessments for Coaching (ID 1965)4/4/20146/24/201488
A-601 Business Coaching Conversation (ID 2501)4/4/20145/27/201444
A-701 Personal Coaching Conversation (ID 2463)4/4/20144/28/201444
A-711 Spiritual Path (ID 1970)3/15/20164/27/201644
A-720 Financial Independence (ID 2347)6/17/201410/22/201444
A-730 Attraction (ID 2132)4/28/20148/4/201488
A-810 Creating the Vision (ID 2049)4/28/20149/22/201444
A-811 Exploding Myths (ID 2441)3/15/20165/25/201644
A-835 Strong Start - Business Development Lab (ID 2403)4/4/20149/3/201488
A-840 Integrating/Marketing Group Coaching (ID 2456)6/5/20147/25/201444
A-910 Overview/New Skills for Group Coaching (ID 2124)3/15/20166/7/201644
A-915 Ethics in Coaching (ID 2451)10/9/201412/5/201444
A-920 Coaching The Essence (ID 2142)4/4/201410/1/201488
A-926 Advanced Coaching Skills Supervision Practicum (ID 2443)3/15/20169/22/20161212
A518 Coaching Business Teams - 2023-02-07 (ID 645864)2/11/20233/29/202387
A531 Personal Coaching Styles Inventory (PCSI) - 2022-10-04 (ID 645003)9/29/202212/1/202287
CE-101 Coach U 101 (ID 2052)9/16/20109/27/201011
CE-110 New Coach Orientation (ID 2468)9/16/201010/28/201044
CE-120 Guiding Principles (ID 1986)9/16/201011/22/201088
CE-130 Context for Coaching (ID 2363)9/16/201010/28/201044
CE-210 Listening (ID 2394)9/16/20101/24/201144
CE-212 Language (ID 2022)9/16/20101/25/201144
CE-214 Questioning (ID 2395)9/16/201012/15/201044
CE-216 Strategizing (ID 2336)9/16/20101/24/201144
CE-218 Messaging (ID 2113)9/16/201012/16/201044
CE-220 Acknowledging (ID 1983)11/30/201012/21/201044
CE-225 Core Skills Practicum (ID 1982)9/16/20103/24/201188
CE-310 Situational Coaching (ID 2532)9/16/201012/15/201044
CE-315 Application Practicum (ID 2407)3/28/20115/25/201188
CE-410 Coach’s Personal Foundation - Level 1 (ID 2454)9/16/20103/29/201188
CE320 Establishing Yourself As a Coach (ID 2050)9/16/20103/31/201188

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