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What is Coaching?

Coaching is about identifying desires and living out of purpose.

Through coaching, you will go through a discovery process that requires the willingness to learn, grow, and take new and exciting steps toward change and growth.

Diane Dean is highly trained in advanced coaching techniques and brings her deep experience as an RN and background as an LPC into her work. Diane offers wise and objective guidance as you clarify your needs, wants, goals, mission, and life vision… and manifest them!

Why Coaching?

Setting goals is only half of the equation.

Once you have set goals for yourself, how confident are you that you can achieve them?

While we do need to stay flexible in terms of timeframes as things come up and change, coaching provides you with both the tools and the self-awareness to continually take stock of where you are in your journey and adjust appropriately.

The result? Setting aligned, solid goals and moving toward them.

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If you want to live a palpable life or build a career or business pulsating with passion, prosperity, and purpose, see the video below.

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Epiphany! Coaching also offers DISC/PCSI Assesments and speaking engagements.

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Do I Need a Coach?

Here are a few simple questions to ask yourself that will help you decide if you need a coach. But the truth is, no one needs a coach. We can all probably get by well enough using our strengths, support systems and coping tools. The better question is: do I simply want to survive and get by, or do I want to thrive—blossom, flourish and prosper, and support others to do the same in the process? Here are a few questions to consider your readiness and fit for coaching:

  • Am I focusing on the present and ready to move forward toward a goal or vision?
  • Do I have a pretty good life…and want MORE for myself?
  • Am I looking for clarity on my next step towards thriving?
  • Have I done some inner work already?
  • Am I ready to build mastery in my career, relationships, and life?
  • Am I comfortable with paying out-of-pocket for support?

If you answered YES to a few of these questions, coaching may be the right route for you.

What Our Clients Say About Epiphany! Coaching

Coaching Groups

More Coaching Groups Coming Soon


A Women’s Group for Creating a Life that Gives Back

Grit and Grace is a coaching group for women living in the Pittsburgh area. More than ever, women are called to be leaders in today’s world, in the home, the community, and in the office. This group coaches women who show up for themselves, and for other women who get it.


Manifest Your Mission in 2023 & Beyond:
Getting Clear on What You Want & Finding the Path to Get There - Part 1 & 2

Coming Soon

Most people have set goals at some point in their lives, and research supports that doing so really does help you achieve.  Sometimes, however, we are not exactly clear on what we want, we make goals either too rigorous or not lofty enough, and we lose motivation and don’t reach our aim.  Goals setting is both and art and a science.  In this workshop you will:

  • Learn how to set goals to manifest your desires this year
  • Understand the importance of adding both intention and measure in your goals
  • Witness the power of visioning
  • Walk away with a clear plan to support your forward movement towards your goals

This is an interactive group with application exercises and take-away tangibles and is not just ordinary didactics! Bring your imaginations and biggest dreams!

Building Contentment:
Finding Fulfillment Through Values Work – Parts 1 & 2

Coming Soon

Most people think that ‘integrity’ is ‘doing the right thing.’  What I know is that the key to building a fulfilling life is about identifying what you value most, and aligning your day-to-day behaviors and actions with them. When we chronically do things (ie participate in work or relationships) that don’t speak to us, or ever worse, conflict with our values, we feel drained and dissatisfied. Join us to:

  • Determine your core values
  • Assess your life and how it’s aligned with what you value most
  • Identify current value conflicts that drain your energy
  • Understand how to use values as a check-in tool to ensure you are on point, or as an assessment tool when feeling off

Bring yourself and a notebook and I’ll bring the rest.  Walk away with a wealth of information to guide you to your best life.

Cultivating Balance:
Supporting Caregivers and Healers to Embrace Self Compassion & Self Care – Part 1 & 2

Coming Soon – two 3-hour workshops

Heart-centered professionals give it their all, in the office and at home.  One place we often forget to give ourselves grace is with ourselves. Join us to explore how to unleash and let go of our inner critic and to instead embrace mercy and kindness, like we give to others.  In these workshops we will:

  • Explore the integration of traditional masculine and feminine traits to create balance
  • Determine in what areas of life we come up short in terms of investment of time and energy
  • Identify structures that uphold these patterns
  • Learn self-compassion exercises to support you when you are being hard on yourself
  • Create an action plan to enhance balance and self-compassion

Whether you are a healing professional, a caregiver for family members or simply have a heart of gold, let us support you in living a more balanced, peaceful life.

Finding Delight in the Ordinary:
A Mindfulness Journey

Coming Soon

Mindfulness sure made a new name for itself over the past decade, but it’s more than woo woo fluff.  Empirical research supports many benefits of mindfulness (being in the present moment) including improved working memory, cognitive flexibility and focus, reduced stress, rumination and emotional reactivity, and better relationships. Join me to:

  • Further examine the benefits of mindful
  • Understand how the past and future pulls us from living peacefully
  • Comprehend how to use mindfulness in day-to-day life to reach higher emotional states
  • Master the art of practicing mindful meditation

If you have wanted to understand this simple yet abstract principal to live a more peaceful life, join us.  Just bring yourselves; everything else is provided.

Building a Better Business & a Better Life:
Understanding the Essential Elements to Starting or Building Your Ideal Business or Career

Coming Soon

Do you have an entrepreneurial spirit?  Or have you dreamt about starting a full-time or side business that you are passionate about? Maybe you have lost inspiration in your current business and know there is more inside of you. Or perhaps you are working in a career position that might benefit from you understanding the pillars of a successful business.  Join us to discuss and explore how to:

  • Ensure your desire is a true longing and not imposed by cultural or familial ‘shoulds’
  • Create a vision of your ideal business and client
  • Understand your personal values and how they relate to your business or business idea
  • Determine your strengths and the importance of finding people who complement you
  • Assess where your energy goes and what drains and motivates you
  • Learn the five elements for strategizing and positioning your business
  • Learn key tools for communication including a formula for assertiveness, how to validate and actively listen

This is packed full of information and you will walk away with an armful of business goodies!