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Supporting and developing business professionals in having a business and a life that breathes.

Supporting and developing business professionals.

Diane’s Approach

Truly successful businesses and fulfilling lives are built on dreams. And most of us simply don’t dream enough.

For whatever reason—fear of failing, lack of confidence, limited time or energy—we often settle for good, but don’t reach for great. Coaching with Epiphany! supports professionals to dream deep, not just big. Only after understanding your deep ‘why’ and how it aligns with your personal values, will you lead life and your business each day with vigor and enthusiasm, enjoy authentic connections and have the immense and vast impact that you desire.

Business coaching builds people, and your business reflects you.

Who We Work With

We work with professionals and leaders who strive for excellence in their work and in their lives. They have a bias for action and exhibit striking amounts of courage, without being impulsive.  They are top performers in their fields, and leaders in their relationships, famillies, and communities. They value relationships and hold their own personal growth as a top priority.

Why Coach with Diane

As a nurse and a counselor turned business owner and leadership coach, Diane has over 20+ years of entrepreneurship and humanitarian service. She has owned and ran five different businesses and has taken more than 35 coaching courses, graduating from basic and advanced coach training from Coach U.  She has supported engineers, accountants, IT professionals, entrepreneurs, franchise owners, attorneys and healthcare professionals to build a rewarding business and life.

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