Coaching FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

Coaching is conveniently done during daytime scheduled telephone or video sessions between you and your coach. For locals in the Pittsburgh area, coaching in person may also be an option.

Coaching is beneficial for people from all walks of life and in a variety of professions. People who come to Epiphany! for coaching include, but aren’t limited to: moms and dads, entrepreneurs, artists, writers, business owners, CEOs, management professionals, mental health professionals, healthcare professionals and executives, project managers, human resource professionals, and anyone dedicated to their personal growth!

Our one-on-one coaching programs can be paid in full for a discount or have predictable affordable monthly payments. Insurance plans do not cover coaching sessions. Typically, a coaching package lasts four to twelve months and many of our clients decide to renew after their initial coaching package is complete. Throughout the year we may also offer group coaching programs. We will help you find a coaching program that fits your budget. Specific pricing will be discussed on your discovery call with Diane.

While we specialize in life coaching, the truth is, we don’t coach a situation, we coach people who may have health needs, or may own businesses or are leaders in some capacity in their lives.  And people certainly are not one-dimensional.  We bring to our career and business our attitudes, perceptions, past experiences, perceived limitations, beliefs, unique neurological development, personalities, and behavioral tendencies, and you can’t really separate the person from the business or job they have, nor their state of health.  My background as a nurse, business leader, entrepreneur and counselor affords me a great breadth of education and experience to support you with your business and/or leadership goals as well. So the short answer is: yes 😊.

You can schedule a complimentary discovery call with Diane to get started. During this consult, you’ll discuss your goals, struggles, and how coaching will support you in making the changes you desire in your personal or professional life. At the end of the call, you’ll have the opportunity to book your first coaching session with Diane. To schedule your complimentary discovery call, click here